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The Aztecs

Architecture- Aztec architecture reflected a dedication to hard work and values. The Aztecs took pride in their work and often competed with each other to build the biggest and the best. Because the Aztecs... More...

Clothing- Aztec clothing was made to be light and loose fitting because of the warm climate. The women made the clothing by weaving cotton and fibers from the maguey plant. More...

Culture- The Aztecs made popular many things that were already in use in Mexico and introduced them to the Spanish. One of the most well known pieces of Aztec culture is the use of mandatory education. The Aztecs believed...

Family- The Aztec family tended to be very large due to husbands having more than one wife. The eldest wife was usually in charge of the other wives. The husband's job...

Food- Aztec food consisted mostly of fruits, vegetables, meats and chocolate. Maize, also known as corn was the main food of the Aztecs.

Houses- Aztec houses were very ordinary and plain. They consisted of a square shape with one big room. One side...

School- School was important in the Aztec civilization and therefore children were required to attend regularly. Boys and girls went to school separately. There were also different schools for... More...

Symbols- In case you are no stranger to the Aztecs, you should know that they are one of the more unexplainable people ever. Amongst all the other ancient people which were hidden to many people, the Aztecs are those who are keen on symbolisms simply because they often worship numerous gods.

Trivia- Facts and questions answered about the ancient Aztecs.

Warriors- The Aztec army was composed of a variety of classes and ranks, from this they build a hierarchy structure to their army allowing them to organize and go into...

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