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Birthstones: Colors and Meanings
A beautiful stone for every month, each with a special meaning.

January: Garnet
Consistency, perseverance, truth, patience

February: Amethyst
Sincerety, health, peace of mind

March: Aquamarine
Beauty, honesty, loyalty, creativity

April: Diamond
Purity, innocence, eternity, courage

May: Emerald
Faith, happiness, goodness

June: Pearl
Longevity, health, faith, peace

July: Ruby
Success, integrity, contentment, nobility

August: Peridot
Fame, dignity, married happiness

September: Sapphire
Love, victory, wisdom, purity

October: Opal
Happiness, hope, truth, innocence

November: Topaz
Good luck, courage, fidelity

December: Turquoise
Prosperity, courage, success, love

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