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Egyptian Traditions

Ankh- The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing life or eternal life. It is one of the most popular symbols depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Egyptian Gods were often More...

Art- Throughout the dynasties of Ancient Egypt, the role of the tomb and accompanying architecture, sculpture, and painting all worked to ensure that Egyptians would enter the afterlife prepared with all the worldly goods they needed. More...

Children- Egyptian children came from huge families with many brothers and sisters. The birth of a child was considered a blessed event in ancient More...

Clothing- Ancient Egyptian clothing was formed from plant fibers to make linen and cotton. Wool and silk More...

Education- Egyptian education started at a very young age. Reading, writing and arithmetic were the main subjects but the most time was spent on learning practical skills. More...

Food- What we know today about ancient Egyptian food comes mainly from the drawings that depict the food feast that would occur in the afterlife. These drawings More...

Inventions- Ancient Egyptian civilization started in 3150 BC along the banks of the Nile River when the Lower and Upper Kingdoms of Egypt were united under the rule of the first pharaoh. More...

Music- In the sculptures, wall paintings, and papyri of the Egyptians, we are furnished with another glimpse into the obscurity of early musical history. Among the ancient Egyptians we find music at a somewhat similar... More...

Pharaohs- Sneferu: Founder of the 4th Dynasty
Sneferu was the son of Huni and Meresankh I. His son was Khufu. Sneferu is known More...

Symbols- The language of Egypt is full of symbols and complicated diagrams. Egyptology is the study of the language and the land of Egypt. More...

Trivia- Facts and questions answered about the ancient Egyptians. More...

Weddings- There has been little information found describing marriage in ancient Egypt. Marriage contracts have been found, however it is thought that they were only drawn up if there was to be a change in the normal marriage. More...

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